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The Clan Lindsay Genealogist will provide assistance to MEMBERS ONLY of Clan Lindsay USA. This assistance will be in the form of resources that will assist with the members individual family research. The Clan Genealogist does not provide individual family research. The Genealogist will record all family histories/information received from membership forms into a database program. Once the database is completed and stored in an appropriate program, information on individual members will only be available with written permission of the persons records being requested.

Thanks to the contributions of each current and past member of Clan Lindsay, our organization is building an extensive database of genealogical information for Lindsays and also for the septs of Clan Lindsay. The septs include nine family surnames that are officially associated with the Lindsay surname: Affleck, Byers, Cobb, Crawford, Deuchar, Downie, Fotheringham, Rhind & Summers.

When someone submits an application for membership, s/he is asked to submit all his/her genealogy information to support the relationship to the name Lindsay, or to one of its septs. After an application has been approved for membership, the genealogy information is forwarded to the genealogist to be added to the Clan Lindsay genealogy database.

State of Our Research

The current genealogical data exists in several incomplete and unconnected formats: electronic data, summary index, genealogical charts and paper forms. Copies of genealogy charts based on data collected prior to the late 1990’s are available at the Odom Genealogical Library, Moultrie, GA and the Greenville Public Library, Carolina Room, Greenville, SC.

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