Letter from Your Clan Lindsay Association President

As the president of Clan Lindsay Association, USA, Inc., I wish to welcome you on behalf of our Officers and Council to our new Clan Lindsay web site!

Clan Lindsay Association, USA, Inc. is a national organization, which allows you to connect with your kith and kin to celebrate our Scottish heritage. The Clan Council and Area Representatives attend many Scottish Games and Highland Festivals throughout America and Scotland, where you will see our members sporting the Lindsay and Crawford tartans at just about any gathering of Scots. Clan Lindsay Association, USA, Inc. offers an award-winning published newsletter, of which we are extremely proud, three times a year. Clan Lindsay provides educational scholarships to members and non-members wishing to study Scottish heritage, dance, language and music. The Clan is a sponsor at numerous Games throughout the country and is constantly looking for more ways to connect with Lindsays,  Crawfords and our Septs (Associated Families).

If you are a first-time visitor, please explore our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Want to become a member of our Clan? Fill out a membership application and contact our Registrar. If you think you might be a Lindsay or a descendant of a Sept but are not sure, contact our Clan Genealogist for help in determining if you qualify for membership. If you are already a member of Clan Lindsay, welcome back and give us your feedback on our website.

I invite all of you to explore, celebrate and honor your Scottish Heritage. Our family crest bears the words, ‘Endure Fort’ meaning endure with strength. Come be a part of your strong heritage.

Angela Farley
President – Clan Lindsay Association, USA