A Clan Lindsay Area Representative is the backbone of our Association. They are a special group of individuals who love to meet people at various Clan functions including Highland Games and Festivals throughout the United States. This great team of dedicated clan members can’t wait to tell you about what Clan Lindsay does and why.

The Area Representatives volunteer their time and efforts to educate and inform others about Clan Lindsay Association USA, Inc. They will tell you about the history of the Lindsays and the associated families, the Scholarship Funds and genealogy. Area Representatives want to keep our Scottish heritage alive and inform families to teach their children about their Clan Lindsay ancestry. Most importantly, they help non-members to become members.The responsibilities of a Clan Lindsay Area Representative are to assist the clan by carrying out approved clan activities in a certain geographical area with a primary focus on participating in Scottish games and festivals. The representative maintains direct contact for the clan with all Scottish-American activities and acts as the official clan representative in the area, wearing the Scottish attire as appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directs clan related activities in their area to insure that the objectives of the clan are achieved in the finest Scottish tradition and actively seeks scholarship applicants at each game.
  • Manages registration and participation of Clan Lindsay for all games in the area and recommends games they wish to attend to Council by submitting their requests to the Vice-President for prior approval and reimbursements for participation.
  • Develops and maintains an organization of volunteer clan members to ensure the smooth running of the tent and games activities.
  • Coordinates the setting up, running and closing of the clan tent.
  • Encourages interested eligible attendees to join the clan.
  • Attends Scottish functions as time and expenses permit.
  • Promotes membership in the Association.
  • Holds area meetings of clan members and prospective members.
  • Always alert for stories, photographs and genealogical information that relates to the clan and reports on member activity to The Recorder.
  • Maintains good relations with local clans.
  • Makes written reports to the Council prior to each meeting and Annual Meeting.

The above are the main responsibilities Clan Lindsay Area Representatives focus upon for the continuation of the Association in the interest of our Scottish heritage.

Becoming a Clan Lindsay Area Representative is a great way to meet new relatives, share family history and encourage young people to become interested in their family ancestry. By promoting the scholarship fund you can assist others with the cost of Scottish related classes. You will also be able to help members gain assistance through our genealogist.

Clan Lindsay Area Representatives

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