The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – Chapter 1The Adventures Of Rabbie - Chapter 1
The Adventures of Rabbie, a Scottish Terrier
, is a series of beautiful short stories by Your Clan Lindsay Editor, Marty Thurmond, who has graciously placed them here for members to enjoy and share with their children. The chapters are an adventure in Rabbie’s wonderful and fun filled life; many of the beautiful stories are colorfully illustrated. You will want to share all of these delightful adventures with your children.


The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – Chapter 2The Adventures Of Rabbie - Chapter 2
Rabby Meets The Swans

The Lord and The Lady of the Manor House have placed a regal looking pair of mute swans into the area of the lake. They are called mute swans because they do not make any sound with their throats. The graceful and beautiful birds are snowy white with black-knobbed orange beaks. They immediately made themselves at home. They glided across the calm waters to nearly halfway, then returned to the…


The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – Chapter 3The Adventures Of Rabbie - Chapter 3
Rabbie Meets The Lord and The Lady

Rabbie was so exhausted from his unpleasant encounter with the birds that he soon drifted off to sleep. The snowy birds wandered in and out of his dreams. They seemed to be everywhere he usually went. Sleep became so fitful he awoke with a start. As he stretched and yawned, his first thought was to trot down to the lake for a refreshing drink. Then he remembered the unfriendly new inhabitants and trotted in the direction of the great Manor House. There is always a pool of water in that garden…


The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – Chapter 4The Adventures Of Rabbie - Chapter 4
Snow Is In Peril

One sunny, spring day when Rabbie had finished his breakfast of porridge and milk, The Woman let him out to go about his morning run through the fields and forest. He went first to the old linden tree to greet his friend, Jock Daw. Although he looked all about the tree limbs, there was no sight nor sound of Jock. He must be out in the meadow seeking his breakfast, Rabbie thought, I will be on my way and see to Jock Daw later.

Rabbie surveyed the area before him and, seeing no sign of the fractious swans, he walked cautiously down to the lake. Still there were no swans in sight so he helped himself to a delicious drink of water. Quite satisfied with his safe passage, he trotted on toward…

The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – Chapter 5
More to Come in The Adventures of Rabbie, A Scottish Terrier – So be sure to stop by again soon!


The Duel on London Bridge, A Tale Of A Lindsay Knight

Jousting on the London Bridge

Sir David Lindsay

This true story was published in 1849 in a four volume set, “Lives of the Lindsays”, by the Lord Lindsay of that time and was in the language of that time. Marty Thurmond, has taken the liberty of putting it into modern language so that young children can understand and enjoy the marvelous adventure. (Marty Thurmond, Editor, 2011)

Knighthood and jousting…long ago and far away!

Hundreds of years ago, knights were a type of soldier. They protected the King and Queen and sometimes fought in wars. They wore heavy, iron armor to protect their bodies from spears and daggers. When they were not needed for wars or to protect the King and Queen, they often tested their skills and bravery by participating in jousts.

Jousting was like a game in which they wore their armor, rode horses and would run at each other with…