When someone submits an application for membership, s/he is asked to submit all his/her genealogy information to support the relationship to the name Lindsay, or to one of its septs. After an application has been approved for membership, the genealogy information is forwarded to the genealogist. Information regarding deceased Lindsay individuals only will be verified and included in the One-Name Study database. In the future, information from all current and past members will be imported. Current members will be contacted before this import occurs.

The current genealogical data exists in several incomplete and unconnected formats: electronic data, summary index, genealogical charts and paper forms. Copies of genealogy charts based on data collected prior to the late 1990s are available at the Odom Genealogical Library, Moultrie, GA and the Greenville Public Library, Carolina Room, Greenville, SC.

To contact the Clan Lindsay Genealogist, please complete the Contact Us Form.